the General Post Office (1881)

It is pretty well known that the General Post Office having during the past few months been supplying bicycles and tricycles to rural postmen. This accommodation has been more particularly brought into use in Ireland, where the distances to be traversed by foot messengers are longer than in Great Britain; but I learn that the authorities are watching the experiment with a considerable degree of interest and some anxiety owing to the fact that not a few casualties have occurred in the use of their new means of locomotion. Not long ago an Irish postman was pitched off his vehicle and received such severe injuries that he shortly afterwards died, the Treasury being put to the expense of making a special grant to his widow. I now hear of an accident to a postman in England who was riding upon a tricycle and owing to a serious spill was much hurt. Naturally these accidents are discouraging the authorities at St Martin’s–le-Grand and practically the use of the steel horse is more on its trial now than it was on the first week that it started.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, September 16, 1881

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