The Great Sahara on a velocipede (1869)

The idea of “doing” the Great Sahara on a velocipede could only have been “forced,” we imagine, under a tropical sun. It was seriously entertained, we learn, a short time ago by that most adventurous of lady travellers, Miss Alexandre Tinne, whose safe arrival at Mourzouk, in Fezzan, has just been announced. Miss Tinne was waiting to be escorted to Soudan by the Chief of the Tarouks, and had recently procured, as a means of transit, a velocipede of the latest Parisian manufacture. Unfortunately, on being put to the test, it was found not to be adapted for the sands of the Great Desert and it was made over as a gift to the Pasha of Tripoli.

Birmingham Daily Post, May 25, 1869

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