The Highways of the County (1880)

The Highways of the County

…The other by-laws were agreed to and the next one had reference to the control of bicycles upon the roads. Under it bicycles are restricted from riding upon the paths or pavements and must carry an audible bell to give notice of their approach and no two bicycles are to pass any vehicle riding two abreast. A person riding a bicycle between sunset and sunrise must carry a lamp lighted in such a way as to give notice of the direction in which he is travelling and also sufficient to indicate his approach. He must sound his bell or whistle at such a distance from a person driving a vehicle as to give notice of his approach and the same in passing a sharp turn or corner. Where a horse becomes restive at a bicycle the rider must dismount and remain dismounted as long as necessary and in any case of offence against these restrictions, he shall be liable to a fine of 40s. Col Parker suggested that those by-laws should also refer to tricycles. The Clerk of the Peace said that tricycles were not mentioned in the Act. The by-laws were agreed to.

The Ipswich Journal, December 21, 1880

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