The “New Rapid” cycle (part one 1899)




Facts about the “New Rapid” Cycle,

On Exhibition at the

National Cycle Show,

Stand No. 34,

Right in the centre of the Crystal Palace,

From November 18th to 26th

Full information will be given as to the Strength, Durability, the Splendid Workmanship, and high Grade materials used in the construction of the “New Rapids,” and every opportunity will be given for their thorough examination and scrutiny in every part. Can also be seen and inspected at



It contains the “Pith and Marrow” of all good cycle catalogues.


We take. it that you require a Cycle up to date in every respect, made of the best material, and finished as well as a piece at mechanism can be, as simple in construction as possible and requiring no attention, a Cycle, in fact, that will run easily and noiselessly and cause you no anxiety, and this at a fair price. In the “New Rapid” for 99 you will find all these qualities combined, and no matter what machine you buy, or how much you pay for it, you cannot possibly get a better mount.

The perfect cycle is one which is perfect in every one of its parts. A flaw, weakness or defect in any part, or the use of inferior workmanship or poor materials, will have the effect of making the whole machine weak, wanting in strength and unsatisfactory to the rider. Where every component part is perfect, then the cycle so constructed will be perfection.

The “New Rapid” Cycle is built on this principle. Every part of it has been the subject of careful thought and selection and the result is a machine which is a pleasure to possess and a delight to ride. The wheel is the True Tangent Wheel, which cannot buckle, and the spokes of which cannot break. The tire is the Fleuss Tubeless Tire, which, if punctured, can be repaired with a postage stamp.

We have aimed at making the “New Rapid” the most thoroughly satisfactory on the market and neither time, trouble nor expense has been spared to accomplish this object. Our order book shows how our efforts are appreciated and this not only gratifies but stimulates us to fresh efforts. In our 1899 machines there are numerous improvements, which, though small in themselves, all tend to reduce weight without in any way decreasing the strength.


PRICE OF “NEW RAPID” FULL ROADSTERS IN 1887                                    £28  0

PRICE OF SAME MACHINE IMPROVED FOR 1899                             £15 10 0

The “New Rapid” Cycle Company, the successors to the St. George’s Engineering Company, whose name, is in itself a guarantee of quality, and whose have been established since 1847, have seen their way to reduce their prices by 45 per cent, all round so as to widen the range of their patrons.

It must be understood that the alteration in price does not carry with it any alteration whatever in quality. Every machine is not only as thoroughly well made, constructed of as good materials as satisfactory in every part as before the reduction, but it has in addition all the latest improvements that engineering science has made as applied to cycle construction. The reduction in price as compared with 1897 is forty-five per cent., and the improvement in design as compared with 1898 is fifty per cent. The prices are as follows: –

Full Roadster of the Highest Grade – £15 10, Road Racer – £15 10s, Path Racer – £15 10s, Ladies’ Safety – £16 5s.


Special attention is called to the guarantee which is given, not in anticipation of any defect in the machines, but as the strongest possible evidence of our confidence in their magnificent quality in every respect.

The following guarantee is given with every cycle sold by the “New Rapid “Cycle Company, or by their duly appointed agents, if not used for hiring-out purposes. Full conditions are given in price list, which will be sent on application: –

“We guarantee that only the best materials are used, and skilled workmen employed, in the construction of our ‘New Rapid’ Cycles, and we undertake to make good at any time within a year any defects in them, not caused by use, misuse, or neglect, and to pay carriage both ways from any part of the British Isles.”


Since the introduction of air tires, we have been consistently and persistently reducing the weight of our machines. We have today a series of cycles to suit all weights and all roads lighter than any in the trade, and we claim to turn out the most perfect and reliable machines for road work and touring procurable.

A weak machine, although it may not break, is always harder to drive, owing to faulty construction, than a strong machine properly constructed, which may be heavier. While we are building very light machines indeed, we are not losing sight of the all-important fact that increased friction is very much worse than carrying a little extra weight, and increased friction can be caused so easily and imperceptibly, that it requires the greatest care to detect it; a twisted, or springing rear fork – a very common fault in some makes – a bent crank-axle, a twisted chain, or chain wheel, will cause harder work than 10lbs extra weight. Tb. difficulty is that you can feel the weight and cannot see the increased friction, or thousands of riders would use stronger machines, and carry the extra two or three pounds.

It is in the salient parts above referred to that weight can easily be saved. We shall never sacrifice our reputation by saving two or three pounds in such important details, and add five or six pounds of friction, which, although it cannot be seen, is still there.

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