The Newest Things in Velocipedes (1869)

The Newest things in velocipedes 

The velocipedo-mania is still spreading. Last winter an ice velocipede, running on steel slides and propelled by means of a wheel, furnished with sharp points, was brought out at Stuttgart; but it was much objected to by skaters on account of its spoiling the ice. We now hear that a party of Prince Napoleon’s aides-de camp have made a trip from Nice to Villafranca on water velocipedes. These machines consist of two minature parallel canoes, which support a kind of chair; the paddle-wheel, placed between the canoes, is propelled by the feet only and is covered like the paddle-wheel of a steamer to protect the driver from the water it throws up. Their speed is said to be very great. It now remains for the Areonautical Society to adapt the velocipede to travelling through the air. A Paris correspondent asks: – Do you wish to hear the last thing in velocipedes? They are to be introduced by the new Government of Spain into the bull-ring. At the next corrida de toros velocipedes are to be used instead of horses and the arena will run with oil out of wheels instead of life-blood out of bodies. To be sure, to carry out humanity to its real end, you must also have a mechanical bull; but they have forgotten that; yet no doubt they will remember it before the velocipede is presented to indignant Madrid.

The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, May 05, 1869; pg. 4

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