The Recent Velocipede Race for £5 (1869)

The Recent Velocipede Race for £5

A correspondent who signs himself “Truth” begs leave to correct some mistakes in our report of the late velocipede contest for £5, but this letter would require so many corrections before it could be made presentable that we prefer giving its substance merely. He maintains that, so far from the bicycle having lost 30 yards at the beginning of the race “through the eagerness of its driver,” it was really not three yards in the rear and at the goal was only 100 instead of 300 yards in advance of the tricycle. “Truth” also complains of the “one-sidedness of the referee,” and mentions that it was really the rider of the bicycle who had had most experience in velocipedestrianism, “the drivers of the tricycle having only been out with it seven times altogether.” [Tomorrow, on this website, one of the referee’s comments.]

The Dundee Courier & Argus, July 14, 1869


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