The Royal Agricultural Show at Derby (1881)

The Royal Agricultural Show at Derby

The Leicester Tricycle Company, of Peacock Lane, occupy stand No 114 with several of their machines, which are of an entirely novel construction. Their folding machines only require two or three minutes to fold or unfold and when folded occupy a space of from twelve to fifteen inches only in width and in this form can easily be wheeled along and guided, so that they will pass through any doorway or stand in a narrow passage: they are, nevertheless, perfectly rigid when in use. The treadles act on both driving wheels through a patented differential gear, or self-regulating arrangement, which conveys the power to both wheels equally, whether running in a straight line or making sharp turns. The Leicester tricycles have a patent double-acting brake of extraordinary power and convenience, to regulate their speed when descending hills, or stop them. They may also be fitted with the patent change-speed gear, which, while the machine is in motion, can instantly be applied to increase the power and enable them to mount hills easily. They are so balanced that the weight is almost entirely on the driving wheels. The Leicester Safety Tricycle, whether folding or rigid, is a saddle machine, can be mounted or dismounted while in motion, is guided with perfect ease with one or both hands and without previous experience is adjustable throughout, and can be easily ridden and perfectly controlled. The Leicester Tricycle for ladies, either folding or rigid, is fitted with a seat, but may be used with a saddle; it cannot, however, be mounted or dismounted while in motion. This stand is visited by a large number of people.

Leicester Chronicle and the Leicestershire Mercury, July 16, 1881; pg. 5

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