The Surrey Club (1883)

The Surrey Club

Under the superintendence of this club of the most successful bicycle meetings ever held and, notwithstanding the rainy morning of Saturday and the consequent heavy state of the grass course, their spring gathering at Kensington Oval did not fall short of those which have preceded it. Towards the close the public were a little more demonstrative than was desirable and the enclosure was invaded by many whose duty did not call them there. Results are as follows:- One Mile Open Handicap – M H Hay (Queen’s Cycling), 135 yards start first; H F Wilson (Surrey), 85 yards, second; N V Cassell (Baretta), 150 yards, third; B H Daunton (Trafalgar), 135 yards, 0; A R Lockwood, (Surrey), 125 yards, 0; J C P Tacagni, (City of London), 55 yards,0; F G Medcalf (St James’), 105 yards, 0; H C White, (Clapham Park), 140 yards, 0 ; W Brown, (Brixton Ramblers), 60 yards, 0. Won by 20 yards. Time, 3min 20.4/5sec. Two Miles Members’ Handicap – A R Lockwood, 50 yards start, first; E Tyler, 20 yards, second; B Russell, 250 yards, third; G R Oxx, 50 yards, 0; S Russell, 220 yards, 0; W Agate, scratch, 0. Won by two yards. Time, 8min 29.1/5sec. 10 Mile Open Challenge Race – H W Gaskell (Ranelagh Harriers), first; F Prentice, (Ipswich Bicycle Club), second; F Moore, (Warstone), third; W Wyndham (London), 0; J C P Tacagni (City of London), 0; C D Vesey, (Surrey), 0; A Thompson, (Sutton), 0; C Crute (Sutton), 0; H F Wilson (Surrey), 0; M H Jephson (Oxford University), 0; and C King (Salisbury), 0; Won by10 yards. Time, 42min 9. 4/5sec.&

The Times, Apr 30, 1883; pg 7

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