The Velocipede (1869)

The Velocipede

A little boy, the son of a gentleman residing at Queen’s Gate Gardens, Kensington, has been fined at Hemmersmith Police Court in the sum of 1s. for practising the velocipede upon the public pavement. The offence was one which clearly cannot be allowed.; but we think, with the boy’s father, that a warning might have preceded a summons. By the way, if velocipedes are to be thus rigorously driven from the footways of London, how comes it to pass that perambulators are permitted to rejoice in absolute impunity? At Huntly the bicycle has been tried with all seriousness as a conveyance for the local mail. The Forgue runner has started a machine for two persons and does his distance – nine miles – in an hour. The experiment is voluntary and will serve as a pioneer for the Government movement. Meanwhile, it is doubtful whether there are not some limits to the distance which may be covered with velocipedes. A St. Petersburg journal states that an Englishman resident in that city is about to undertake a journey on his bicycle to Moscow. Considering that men have crossed the Atlantic in an open boat, the Englishman in question may possibly reach his destination intact. – Globe.

Daily News, May 20, 1869

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