The velocipede mania in Paris (1869)

The velocipede mania in Paris has become a public street nuisance. Horses are frightened, legs are broken, and, according to a medical report, dangerous illnesses may be brought on by the peculiar attitude and exertions of the rider. Many thousands of these velocipedes are sold every month. In Paris the price varies from 150 Francs (£6) to 300 Francs (£12). Every French youth must have his velocipede. We have a velocipede journal and velocipede prices offered (one by the Emperor). Excursions and journeys are made on the two-wheeled, steel-backed steeds. The mania promises to last. Some ladies – “real ladies” – are learning to ride in their gardens and we hear of velocipede costumes.

The Velocipede Accident in Cumberland

The accident which Mr J Haywood Whitehead, of Southside, near Manchester, sustained on Saturday week while riding upon a four-wheeled velocipede at Armathwaite, near Carlisle, has terminated fatally. Mr Whitehead died on Wednesday morning.

The Era, July 4, 1869

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