The Velocipede Movement (1868)

The Velocipede Movement

The French have taken up this subject in earnest and if anyone could now apply some simple and easily-obtainable motive power to velocipedes he would be certain to profit largely by it. The Salut Public of Lyons informs us, that in certain departments and especially in the Aube, even the rural postmen may now be seen riding on three-wheeled velocipedes, behind which is fixed a box for holding small parcels which they undertake to deliver. The men not only perform their service in three hours less than on foot, but are able in a few months to get back the cost of their vehicle by their earnings from the increased commissions they are able to execute. In this country, too, an interest in the subject seems to be increasing. A velocipede journey lately took place, in which a person, who resides fifteen miles north of Bristol, drove and rode a velocipede, which he built himself, from thence to London, a distance of 136 miles. He left home at four pm and reached Reading the same night. Next morning he left for London, arriving at 10 am, scarcely at all fatigued by his long journey. Residents in suburban  and out-of-the-way places near London, who have daily business in town, might have healthy exercise and be independent of railways were they to use velocipedes. The vehical would soon repay its own cost. – Builder.

The Dundee Courier & Argus, November 23, 1868

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