Tricycles and Bicycles (1878)

Tricycles and Bicycles

It is satisfactory to notice the progress which the tricycle is making among those who delight in strange modes of locomotion. If the vehicle with three wheels should replace that with two, there will be cause to rejoice in the change of fashion. Not only is the larger carriage less likely to inflict injury on pedestrians, but there is smaller risk of accident to the rider himself. Apart from the special dangers which have been shown to attend the habitual use of the bicycle, there is the effect of the perpetual vibration which seems inseparable from the apparatus and which is communicated directly to the spinal column. How considerable this vibration really is may be observed by anyone who will take the pains to watch the movements of the rider of a bicycle closely, say, from a carriage travelling in the same direction. In the tricycle the motion is not either so great or so directly propagated as in the bicycle, while the leg action is as good and the seat is comparatively safe and admits of change of position at will. Tricycles are now made so light and elegant in form that nothing but the love of danger can prevent the three-wheeled vehicle taking the place of the modernised hobby-horse with two. – The Lancet.

Western Mail, October 28, 1878

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