Velocipede Accident (1869)

Velocipede Accident

A velocipedist from Halifax came to grief in Rastrick last night week and in addition to the machine being considerably damaged, the rider was much injured. It seems that two parties from Halifax were enjoying a short excursion, the one mounted on a two-wheeled velocipede and the other on one with three wheels. They passed through Elland and Huddersfield with safety and on reaching the top0 of Toothill Bank the manipulator of the three-wheeled machine was advised by his companion to walk down the dangerous steep (which in many places has an incline of one in five), more especially as the vehicle had no break [sic] attached to it. The caution passed unheeded and away sped the young man down the bank, the vehicle increasing in velocity at every yard. On reaching the middle of the hill, either through fear or inability to manage the machine, the rider attempted to check the speed by turning it across the road. The attempt failed and being diverted from the straight course, the vehicle dashed with considerable violence against the fence wall, smashing the crank of the velocipede and severely crushing the rider, who had the mortification of going to Brighouse and home to Halifax by train, while his more cautious companion went on his way rejoicing.


The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser, May 22, 1869; pg. 8

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