Velocipede becoming rival to the horse (1868)

The velocipede is becoming a formidable rival to the horse in Paris. One velocipedist (it has been found necessary to invent the word) rolled down the Champs Elysees the other day in an “Americaine,” drawn by two velocipedes, on which were mounted two postilions or jockeis.” The proprietor of the vehicle was “un gentleman” belonging to “la haute fashion.” We are assured, too, that M de Visin, the distinguished equestrian who rode over the steeplechase course of the Bois de Boalogne a fortnight ago without touching his horse’s bridle, has made “un match” with Prince Achille Murat, in which M de Vasin on a velocipede backs himself against the Prince on horseback. The velocepedal skill of De de Vasin is said to be something extraordinary. A few weeks ago he undertook to travel on a velocipede from Angers to Paris and actually went as far as Tours, a distance of about fifty-four miles, when the machine broke.

The Pall Mall Gazette, May 21, 1868 *

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