Velocipede Feat (1870)

Velocipede Feat

A journey from London to Brighton on a tricycle of a novel construction was performed last week by Mr Jackson, of Paris, the well-known manufacturers of bicycles. Accompanied by his son and a gentleman named Flower, the former riding on the ordinary bicycle and the latter on the velocipede of the phantom pattern, he started from the Westminster-Bridge-road and arrived at Albion Hotel, Brighton, in 7½ hours. The machine ridden by Mr Jackson is both light and elegant. Unlike the ordinary tricycles, the two larger wheels are placed in front are about 39 inches diameter and covered with indiarubber in the outer rings. The spokes are constructed of wire about a quarter of an inch in thickness, making the weight of the carriage about 90lb, without detracting from its durability. In addition to other advantages the machine possesses is that a lever in front connected with the crank, which gives greater power to the rider in mounting hilly roads and affords him a means of rest when fatigued. Designed and manufactured by Mr Jackson, this tricycle is a fine specimen of the perfection to which velocipedes have been brought.

Cheshire Observer and Chester, Birkenhead, Crewe and North Wales Times, October 08, 1870; pg. 3

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