Velocipede Match for £5 (1869)

Velocipede Match for £5

We understand that an interesting match between tricycle and bicycle riders is to take place (weather permitting) on Monday evening along the Perth Road, between Blackness Toll and Invergowrie. Three young gentlemen, well known in Dundee in connection with their feats on the velocipede, have agreed to test their powers, two on the one side undertaking to ride the tricycle against the other on the bicycle. The stakes are £5 a side and the distance of the course is about three miles. The race is very likely to be a most interesting one, insomuch as it involves not only the personal merits of the competitors as velocipedestrians, but also the question as to whether the bicycle or the tricycle is the more efficient vehicle. There will doubtless be a large assemblage of spectators; but as it is of the utmost importance that the competitors should have a clear and unimpeded course, we trust that the public will avoid all manner of obstruction which would tend to impair the interest and fairness of the contest. [Results on this website tomorrow]

The Dundee Courier & Argus, July 9, 1869


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