Velocipede Riding (1869)

Velocipede Riding

The art of riding and guiding this resuscitated and improved two-wheeled horse has become the study of a number of young gentlemen in this locality and two large halls have been opened as riding schools for the purpose of training them to keep their equilibrium and propel themselves onward at the same time. The one at Baldridge Works is a very large hall, capable of giving a long run without needing to turn: and the other – the Music Hall – is little short of it. Accidents, however, do sometimes occur with the most expert equestrians and it is not to be wondered at that collisions should also occur with amateurs, which require the aid of a skilful veterinary surgeon (in the shape of a blacksmith) to mend the broken down constitution of the pedal machine and set it on its wheels again. Despite such drawbacks, several gentlemen have attained great proficiency in the art and it is no uncommon thing to see the “horse and his rider” travelling along our streets taking all the curves and turnings like a “thing of life.” One young gentleman travelled about five miles the other day on one of them, going up hill and down dale without any stoppage. There is great fear, however, that Dunfermline and its neighbourhood is too hilly for such horses ever to become of much service.
The Dundee Courier & Argus, May 22, 1869

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