Velocipede Versus Pedestrian (1868?)

Volocipede Versus Pedestrian

A large number of persons assembled on the Bath Road, Bristol, on Monday evening, to witness a novel and somewhat interesting match between an engineer named Pizey, the owner of a volocipede and a well-known pedestrian named Bryant. Pizey backed himself to beat Bryant in a four and a half mile spin, from Bath Bridge, Bristol, to the Lamb and Lark Hotel, Keynsham, on the turnpike road, Pizey to ride his velocipede and give the pedestrian a quarter of an hour’s start, the contest, in fact, being between the velocipede and the pedestrian. Bryant, who is stated to be an accoplished runner, left Bath Bridge at seven o’clock, and, after taking it steadily for the first quarter of a mile, he put on the steam and we learn that he arrived at the Lamb and Lark in 32 minutes. At a quarter past seven o’clock Pizey, on a lightly constructed four-wheeled velocipede, worked by both hands as well as feet, started from Bath Bridge and shot up the hill with a speed that excited the astonishment of all who witnessed it. Notwithstanding the quarter of an hour’s start given to his rival, all admitted that the event seemed a dead certainty for the owner of the velocipede, as the latter, with Pizey “up,” quickly disappeared from view. The “vehicle” did the distance in the short space of 20 minutes, but it lost the match, asit arrived at the Lamb and Lark three minutes after Bryant had accomplished the distance, and 35 minutes after the pedestrian had started from Bath Bridge. – Bristol Paper.

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