Velocipedes (1869)


In a work published in 1841, entitled Howitt’s Visits to Remarkable Places, is the following mention of the velocipede: – “Among the curiosities laid up here (Alnwick Castle) are two velocipedes – machines which, twenty years ago, were for a short period much in vogue. One young man of my acquaintance rode on one of these wooden horses all the way from London to Falkirk, in Scotland and was requested at various towns to exhibit his management of it to the ladies and gentlemen of the place; he afterwards made a long excursion in France upon it. He was a very adroit velocipedian, and was always very amused with the circumstance of a gentleman meeting him on the highway by the river side, who, requesting to be allowed to try it, and on being shown how he must turn the handle in order to guide it, set off with great spirit, but turning the handle the wrong way, soon found himself hurrying to the edge of the river, where, in his flurry, instead of turning the handle the other way, he began lustily shouting, ‘woh! woh!’ and so crying, plunged headlong into the stream.”

The Lancaster Gazette and General Advertiser for Lancashire, Westmorland, Yorkshire, &c., May 15, 1869; pg. 2

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