Women cyclists – “they seem to think that everyone must give place to them”

Women cyclists

Familiarity breeds contempt, and there is no disguising the fact that in our towns and cities women grow very careless and reckless when once they are used to riding through crowded thoroughfares. The wonder really is not that there are so many but that there are so few fatal accidents to women cyclists, for it is impossible to go out any day without seeing the most flagrant disregard on their part of the rules of the road and of the commonest kind of caution. Side slips are of course liable to occur even to the most experienced riders, but even these can be avoided more by refraining from routes which are thickly scored with tram-lines, and, indeed, from riding on greasy and newly-watered roads. Women never seem to realise when they are cycling in busy thoroughfares that it is as much their duty as that of drivers of vehicles and pedestrians to keep out of the way of other folk. On the contrary, they seem to think that everyone must give place to them. When they find they are not to be allowed to have their own way they get flurried and endanger their lives by wobbling frantically, or making those insane rushes which so frequently end in disaster either to themselves or their machines, or both. – Lady’s Pictorial.


(The Courier and Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Thursday, September 20, 1900; pg. 7; Issue 14739)

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